The well-known LACOSTE classic POLO shirt.

In 1933, the French tennis champion RenĂ© Lacoste made a lightweight and comfortable short-sleeve jersey with a light and breathable small ribbed mesh fabric, which replaced the traditional long-sleeved jersey with a hard pulp and set off a men’s revolution, which made people today. The well-known LACOSTE classic POLO shirt.
Melbourne, January 25, 2014 – This year LACOSTE will continue to be the only official clothing partner to be designated as the Australian Open, providing sideline referees, caddies and referee uniforms for the Australian Open. The rise of the happy male voice in 2013, Ou Hao and Yu Hao, as special guests of LACOSTE, were invited to watch the women’s singles final of the Australian Open, and they shouted with the fans. Their participation adds more youth and vitality to LACOSTE, a French-style elegant brand.
The POLO shirt series has been expanded by adapting to new trends and introducing new materials and designs. The series maintains diversity, but does not affect the essence of Lacoste’s courage and elegance. At any moment, Lacoste always maintains their sport, elegance and classics and originality
“Pursuing freedom, fashion, and unconstrained” is synonymous with it. Fred Perry’s Polo shirt fabric is not very soft, but it is exceptionally durable. It is not easy to be distorted and deformed after washing many times. Each of its color schemes has its own story. For example, Black Phnom Penh represents the opposition to the mainstream, and the red white edge is called Perryboy, which is popular in Manchester underground subculture. But it must be noted that Fred Perry is mainly suitable for European and American people.