Always Look For The Best In People. (10.24.2016)

What is the determining factor in whether you can trust someone or not? How do you decide who to let into your circle and who to keep far away? A lot of it has to do with personal judgment and past experiences, but always give people the fair opportunity to show you they are a quality person. Don’t worry, if they can’t be trusted, it usually doesn’t take long to find out.

Today, I received a new pair of snowboarding goggles that I ordered from someone that was selling them on Facebook. There was no guarantee that once I sent the money that I’d receive them, but I had faith that he is a good person. I couldn’t be happier with my decision to trust him. The funny thing is that I found the same goggles a few days before, just a different color, that another guy was selling, but he refused to ship them. Apparently he didn’t trust me, so he missed out on me buying them.

We’ve all had bad things happen to us. Someone has probably stolen something from you, wrote you a bad check, lied or deceived you, or simply didn’t follow through on a promise when you were counting on them. Now, think of all the amazing people who have gone the extra mile to do something good for you, given you a tip for your good service, over-delivered on a promise, and even helped you out with a little extra cash when you were running low.

Today, I want you to think of three positive things you’ve done for a stranger and three positive things that a stranger has done for you. With all the negativity going on in the world today, be grateful for the good people that are still out there! The key to making the world a better place is to first make the world around you better, and that’s simple! It only takes a small act of kindness or positivity to change the way someone sees the world around them!



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